Our Work

See Pictures of Stone Clad’s decorative concrete overlays, concrete sealants, and finishes.

Concrete Overlays           

Countertops           Flooring                Tub and Shower            Outdoor Work 

Applications: Flooring, Desk Tops, Counter-tops, Bath Vanities, Tub Surrounds, Shower Surrounds, Patio’s, Walkways, driveways, can cover almost any existing surface.

Attributes: Be creative with this product. If you can think it we can create it. Lowers remodel costs by reducing demolition and labor. Hides mismatched concrete and discolored surfaces.

Resin Products             (Flake, Quartz, Metallic, Epoxy)

Applications: interior floors, garage floors, sunrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms, commercial flooring applications.

Attributes:Decorative finish that provides solvent resistant, stain resistant, low maintenance, permanent finish.

Rubber Overlays

Applications: pool decks, playgrounds, patios.

Attributes: Slip resistant,  absorbs impact, hides cracks and imperfections.

Finishes and Sealers

Applications: shop floors, industrial flooring, agricultural.

Attributes: solvent resistant, stain resistant, low maintenance, permanent finish.