Rubber Overlays

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Rubber Overlay is comprised of the highest quality EPDM Rubber mixed with a specially formulated resin and is trowelled onto virtually any surface  to create a non-slip seamless safe surface.

Applications: pool decks, playgrounds, patios.


Rubber overlay reduces the likelihood of injury from falls. It also absorbs shock, making it easier on feet and joints.

Slip Resistant – Rubber Overlay stays slip resistant even when wet, reducing the chance of injury.

Maintenance Free- Cleans effortlessly with soap and water

Conceals surface flaws- Rubber Overlay can be applied over uneven substrates caused  by cracking, chipping, even missing material.

Crack resistant- Rubber overlay is a pliable, yet sturdy surface that will expand up to 1/4″ over most substrates.

Covers virtually every surface – Rubber overlay can be applied over concrete, wood, pavers, brick, tile, stone, asphalt, chipboard, aluminum and steel.

Porous- Water drains through the rubber overlay reducing the chance of mildew growth.

EPDM Peroxice Cured Rubber is used. This means unlike other sulfur cured and recycled rubber it will remain softer longer and takes longer for the ultra violet rays to affect its color.