Concrete Overlays

Applications: Flooring, Desk Tops, Countertops, Bath Vanities, Tub Surrounds, Shower Surrounds, Patio’s, Walkways, driveways.

Concrete Overlays are like a hybrid of concrete, tile, and vinyl. The difference is, our product is only about 1/8″ thick, grout lines will never stain, it is easily repairable and is harder than concrete.

The concrete overlay  products give you a choice of many different styles with  looks from tile to granite, intricate borders and custom designs including logos.

This product has been used for more than 15 years and are based on a polymermodified cement. The product cures at 5,000psi. typical concrete cures from 3,000 to 4,000psi.

benefits of using a concrete overlay are:

Unlike tile this product does not normally require the removal of trim or shortening of doors, saving you labor costs.

We can finish over old coverings eliminating the need for demolition.

Our interior work does not require routine maintenance or resealing. No more stripping finish year after year.

This product is completely waterproof, no more failed mortar, peeling glue, stained vinyl, stained grout, or loose tiles.

We can repair chipped, cracked and pitted cooncrete eliminating the need to tear out and pour new concrete.

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